Tier1ACE™ Event Manager is a powerful planning calendar for specialized marketing events such as Roadshows, Company and Analyst Marketing Conferences with templates for meetings , Venues, Event Types (single & multi-day) and customizable print-ready itineraries. AEM also has powerful booking restrictions and rules: self booking, administrator request with approval workflows and restriction by tier.

Choose Your View

  • Scale to day, week or month.
  • Filter by type, city, or user.
  • Itineraries are auto-updated in real-time when team events become available.
  • Produce printable itineraries.

Easily Create Specialized Marketing Events

  • Add key participants and select their roles.
  • Manage meetings within events, with meeting types of set sizes.
  • Click to add the covering salespeople to meetings.
  • Add and manage venues.

Control Access to Events

  • Drag-and-drop contacts into events.
  • Restrict bookings by accounts or tiers.
  • Use the Approval View to accept and decline access requests.

Integrated With ACE Suite and Salesforce

  • Generate a list of attendees for mass-emails.
  • Auto-notify the sales staff to request feedback from their clients.
  • Access events in ALM, and drag contacts into relevant events.
  • Leverage Salesforce’s flexible dashboards and reports.