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The Tier1ACE Fund Wholesaling™ suite provides advanced workflow tools that empower internal and external wholesalers to cultivate better broker relationships. Improving your productivity with way less clicks and giving you faster access to key client information is what makes Tier1ACE for Fund Wholesaling™ unique.

Your Territory and Clients

Instantly list all Advisors and Fund Managers in your territory.

Summary information at a glance with the option to drill down for details.

Work smarter with 1-click follow-ups to Internal or External Wholesalers and product specialists.

KYC – Client Profiling

Capture interests in Funds, Investment Types, Risk Tolerance, Recreational Events, and other parameters.

Tag call notes in seconds to build a complete profile of your clients’ interests.

Powerful search capabilities to build lists based on interests.


Provide easy access to essential client information such as:

  • Holdings
  • Commissions
  • Big Tickets
  • Expenses
  • Gifts
  • Fulfillments

Quick Call Logging

The fastest way to look up a client and log a call.

Tag calls with interests discussed. Coverage teams will be notified automatically.

Connect the advisor or investor to a fund specialist with 1-click.

Event Calendar

Manage PM and Analyst visits.

Plan client functions such as seminars, conferences, and recreation events.

Generate custom itineraries for hosts and attendees.

Literature Distribution & Tracking

Easy management of recipient lists for reports, bulletins and marketing literature.

Track preferences for hardcopy and email.

Audit trail of preference edits by user and timing.

Mass Communication Tools

Voice Blast tool useful for event invitation calls or any other standard communication.

Mass email tools for ad-hoc and pre-defined distribution lists.

Generate lists based on client profile or KYC interests.

Reports & Dashboards

Pre-Defined, customizable reports and dashboards provided such as:

  • Big Tickets
  • Top 10 Clients by Revenue
  • Commissions by Advisor / Product
  • Top Interests
  • Activities by Advisor
  • Upcoming Events