Sales and Trading – Equities, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives

Workflow Acceleration – Tools to quickly execute key tasks such as searching, logging calls, collaborating with colleagues, sending emails, booking meetings, setting follow-up tasks, etc. with as few clicks as possible.

Visualization – A UI that makes it easy to quickly access all relevant client information in an intuitive manner, in context, without having to launch multiple windows.

Business Intelligence – The ability to view essential relationship data for your clients such as revenue & expenses (with coverage-based security controls) together with historical and planned activities, in order to develop strategic action plans and ensure they are carried out by the appropriate coverage and product teams.

Accounts, Contacts and Lists

1-click to list all your covered Accounts and Contacts.

See who else covers the account in other lines of business so you can cross sell other products.

Drag names to add to lists & share lists with your teams Search based on interests, regions, trading codes, research and more.

Call Sheets

Search for PMs to call based on stocks and sectors of the day.

Only show contacts from accounts you cover Log a call, set follow-up actions, book a meeting and send email in few clicks.

Interaction Logging

Make quick notes on calls, emails, meetings Tag calls with topics discussed – tickers, currency pairs, CUSIPS, sectors, products, investment styles etc.

Search for anyone matching those interest tags Notify the coverage team of the call with 1-click.

Research Preferences

Edit a client’s subscription to research or document preferences Generate a distribution list based on ticker, sector, analyst, topic etc.

Track who authorized the entitlement changes

Analyst Events with Corporate Access

Marketing calendar for deal and non-deal roadshows.

Enables planning for company marketing and analyst presentations.

Generate custom itineraries for attendees and hosts.

Commissions and Trades

Corporate Access Display which clients paid commissions and what they traded.

Restrict sensitive information to those that cover the accounts or contacts.

Click to Dial and Voiceblast

The Click to Dial feature comes with Daytime Dialer allowing you to leave a message and go on to next client on your list if you go to voicemail.

Set scheduled voice blast to lists for analyst messages, event reminders and more.

Prospecting Database & Tools

Provides access to all of Thomson Reuters’ global buy-side database of accounts, contacts and holdings Display and search for PMs based on holdings