Tier1ACE™ List Manager is an easy to use Capital Markets call management tool for sales, research & trading professionals which helps them organize and execute all their client interactions efficiently to drive more revenue and trading. Tier1ACE™ List Manager empowers professionals to quickly generate lists of clients to call during critical periods, such as market open. Tier1ACE™ List Manager allows you to focus on presenting timely and targeted research and ideas to your clients.

Manage Contact Lists

  • Quickly create and share lists of contacts using a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Assign calling priorities and rankings to contacts to ensure clients are called in the right order.
  • Share and manage lists with individual users or teams.
  • Work “on behalf of” a colleague on your team.

Powerful Search Features

  • Search for contacts filtered by sales coverage.
  • Generate a targeted list of contacts based on sector and industry interests, holdings, investment styles, conference interests etc.
  • Save your search criteria to allow you to re-generate a fresh list of contacts at any time.
  • Pre-load a set of tickers and share that with the team so anyone can instantly generate a list of their clients to call based on tickers discussed in the morning meeting / research published today.

Effortless 360° View of Client

  • Rotating “ACE Cubes™” feature gives instant access to other key client information including: calls, meetings, research preferences, marketing attendance, interests and holdings; all without launching new screens.
  • Data can be accessed from data vendors including Thomson Financial holdings/profile data.

Manage Interests and Holdings

  • Mass insert / replace buy-side client ticker interests and holdings.
  • Receive notifications when clients are “touched” by other members of the coverage team.
  • Auto-assign “call requests” to Analysts based on ticker coverage and receive immediate feedback when the call is made.
  • Keep track of when your clients’ interests and holdings change so you can better target the appropriate research reports, calls and marketing events.

Power Hovers

  • Immediately view additional key details without having to drill down or open new windows.
  • Action Menus provide quick access to key features such as:
    • Log a Call/Interest
    • Send Email
    • Book into Marketing Event
    • Research preferences
    • Send Research
    • and more…
  • Execute actions on one contact or several contacts at once.