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Join Tier1CRM for the 13th year at
Dreamforce 2018

September 25th – 28th, 2018, San Francisco

Visit us at kiosk #10 in the Financial Services Lodge* to see how we’re re-imagining the desktop and mobile CRM experience for Capital Markets.

* Located in the Intercontinental Hotel – 4th Floor

Join us for a full Capital Markets experience at Salesforce’s Dreamforce, hosting several sessions all week. Immerse in thoughtful discussions as we bring the community together and unpack challenges and solutions in the market.

Tuesday September 25th

Breakout Session: The Future of Institutional Client Engagement
8:00 to 8:40 AM, InterContinental San Francisco, Grand Ballroom C
RBC’s Kim Prado, Tier1CRM’s Mark Notten and Salesforce’s Lauren Robbins

Markets organizations are evolving toward a more collaborative and intelligent approach to client engagement in sales, trading and research organizations. Join us to learn how this change is shaping top financial institutions’ executive priorities and the role of emerging fintech capabilities. Learn how leaders are overcoming challenges of fintech interoperability and legacy systems and processes, brought to life by a joint demo featuring the Salesforce Capital Markets ecosystem.

Theater Session: The Capital Markets Desktop of the Future
1:00 to 1:20 PM, InterContinental San Francisco, Theater 2
RBC’s Kim Prado and Barclays’ Brian Dolan

This is a time of unprecedented transformation in the capital markets industry, driven by regulatory changes, competition for commission dollars and the need to deliver targeted trade ideas to clients in new and more efficient ways. Hear real life examples of how to create a single, secure CRM system for an entire Global Banking and Markets user base, and how it can be brought to life powered by the Salesforce platform and its growing ecosystem of Fintech innovation partners. We will explore desktop integration with trade blotters, pricing feeds, real-time messaging, natural language processing and other hot topics.

Tier1CRM’s Capital Markets Kickoff Social
8:00 to 11:00 PM, University Club, 800 Powell St, 94108

Join your peers at this invitation-only social as we kick off Tier1CRM’s Capital Markets program. Enjoy a spectacular view with drinks, canapés and a string quartet. This event is by invitation-only. If you would like to join us, please e-mail marketing@tier1crm.com.

Wednesday September 26th

Theater Session: The Digital Strategy Evolution for the Buy-Side and Sell-Side
10:30 to 10:50 AM, InterContinental San Francisco, Theater 1
Barclays’ Brett Tejpaul and Scotiabank’s Arman Alie

At the forefront of changing dynamics in capital markets due in part by financial regulations such as MiFID II, responsibilities are shifting and the roles are beginning to blend. The ways in which the sell side delivers value to the buy side requires constant contact with clients and inherently more content-rich conversations. The ways in which the buy side are consuming research and assuming more responsibilities in trade strategies while managing regulatory compliance requires the need for more insight and collaboration with all market participants. Consequently, the information and tools needed are also changing, which necessitates careful thought in the holistic “dynamic” digital strategy that lead to insights and drive revenue. Join us for a fireside chat with leaders who are at the forefront of this change. Doug Christensen, Tier1CRM’s VP of Strategy (formerly Barclays’ COO of Research) and Salesforce’s Laurén Robbins, Head of Institutional Banking & Markets, will lead the discussion on the future of buy-side and sell-side connectivity.

Thursday September 27th

Theater Session: Delivering an Investment Banking CRM with Adoption Best Practices
10:30 to 10:50 AM, InterContinental San Francisco, Theater 2
TD’s Rajni Singh and RBC’s Chris Seeley

Driven by a need for Investment Bankers to be constantly connected to their clients, being informed of insights that affect opportunities, and maintaining secure collaboration with colleagues, a successful CRM program is not a simple endeavor. Join us as we talk about the journey to deliver simple yet powerful tools to bankers in the office and on the road via mobile apps. We will discuss program priorities, the use of best practices targeting high adoption and essential training to ensure users leverage the most capabilities to maximize results. Empowered by access to comprehensive insights in the palm of their hand, today’s bankers are better equipped to optimize effectiveness to get business done.

Roundtable: The Journey to Next Generation Global Markets
12:00 to 1:15 PM, InterContinental San Francisco

Join us as we explore how Global Markets organizations are investing in technology to deliver platforms of innovation and collaboration that unite the firm, providing a single point of view across global markets and banking with the controls to restrict access to information applicable to the user. Discover how these firms are delivering next generation, intelligent tools to salespeople and research analysts to create the desktop of the future, offering ubiquitous access of information on mobile and across the desks. In this 75 minute invitation-only session, we will discuss how your peers are leveraging the Capital Markets innovation ecosystem to deliver ongoing next generation capabilities and create a foundational data strategy to deliver an AI roadmap. This event is by invitation-only. If you would like to join us, please e-mail marketing@tier1crm.com.

Roundtable: Accelerate Investment Banker Productivity With Mobility and Intelligence
1:45 to 3:00 PM, InterContinental San Francisco

The landscape of investment banks is ever-changing: new generations of millennials are entering the marketplace, companies are consolidating, and clients expect more transparency and personal relationships than ever. These waves of change call for new tools that empower bankers with intelligence anytime, anywhere, and create a digital client experience. Join this discussion to learn about tips, tricks and the Salesforce partner ecosystem that will allow your bankers to be productive anywhere, to facilitate collaboration and to remain more connected to their clients than ever. This event is by invitation-only. If you would like to join us, please e-mail marketing@tier1crm.com.


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